ABOVE : P.O.V. drummer footage from ORDNANCE! at NO TOMORROW
BELOW : old promo (we've since moved to O'Briens on the 3rd Saturday of the month)

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currently seeking a new home
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A night like Ordnance would not be possible without a dedicated collaborative and organized team. This is an incomplete list of the people who help make Ordnance happen and the roles they usually fulfill.

DJ Deftly-D - Ordnance founder, organizer, manager, designer, resident DJ and media artist.
DJ Pet - resident hand drums, sound, lighting, DJ, media, design, tech, manager.
Interactive Space Suite (a.k.a. Roland Adams) - resident drummer, lighting, media artist, tech.
Josh Barns - Door manager, design review.
Jarred Falcon - vj, media, tech.
Mike D / Attic Bat - resident drummer.
Josh Langberg - sound, tech.
DJ Jenova Complex - resident DJ.
Observationpost - Staff photographer
D. Saracino / Burnsides
- Staff photography, short run printing, lighting.
Tommy / Mos Eisley Productions - Past venue coordination.


Voidstar Productions
The High Voltage Circumcision Show (NCP - 90.3 FM WZBC - 10PM-MID)
A Curious Production
Burnsides Photography & Imaging
th3 f0rtr355 0f Aw3
Existance Establishment
Vermin Street

Mos Eisley Productions