ABOVE : P.O.V. drummer footage from ORDNANCE! at NO TOMORROW
BELOW : old promo (we've since moved to O'Briens on the 3rd Saturday of the month)

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currently seeking a new home
To get on list send your full name to Ordnance23<at>gmail<d0t>com


FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Age (21+ unless otherwise specified)
Contact / Booking / Demos / Getting Involved
Dress code
Live bands / Performers
Music type / genres played
Parking (FREE)
Reason's for past venue issues
Why is the bar in a separate space?
Why is it called ORDNANCE

Follow us

The best way to get updates as well as discounted admission and info on private parties is to send your name to "ordnance23 at gmail d0t com".

We are currently working on setting up profiles on other social media but currently have the following to follow.



Dress code

There is no dress code, however we welcome fetish, military, uniform, futuristic, punk, bio-mechanical, steam punk and any fashion that allows you to dance aggressively. Creative dress is encouraged.



ORDNANCE! has a reduced admissions list that you can be added to by e-mailing your full name to "ORDNANCE23 at GMAIL dot COM". The most current admission cost will be listed at the top of this page.

At the time of this update the admission is:

$5 if you are on the reduced admissions list AND arrive before 9:30PM
$8 if you are on the reduced admissions list AND arrive after 9:30PM
$12 if you are not on the reduced admissions list.

FREE Parking

FREE street parking is available near O'BRIEN'S in Allston.

There is, however, NO PARKING available on the dancefloor. See Rules.

Music type / genres played

Ordnance was founded in part as a response to an industrial club scene which has in our opinion become over focused on satisfying the filler crowd. We hold the uncompromising and experimental roots of industrial culture close to our heart and will refuse requests for music that is overplayed at other club nights in favor of industrial music, rhythmic noise, gabber, breakcore, drum and bass, i.d.m., e.b.m., speedcore, digitech, tech step, dub step, hardcore and less easily defined aggressive dance music. DJ's conduct drummers to play with the music that is spun while drummers are wired to control lighting and video and other media for a unique energizing atmosphere unlike any other club experience we have encountered.


Live bands / Performers

Ordnance regularly features live guests and/or guest djs covering electronic, experimental, industrial and noise related genres. Ordnance also features occasional live events. Past performers include:

A Man's Death
The Attic Bat
The Attic Bits
Shawn Greenlee
Darryl Hell
DJ Hellraver
Journey To The Center Of The Colin
Brian Kane
Mono No Aware
November 14
Pain In Progress
DJ Brad Rhodes
Sewer Goddess
State Vector Collapse
The Vomit Arsonist
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Xiphoid Dementia
Zero Times Infinity

*cancelled due to pre-mature venue shut down / will be rescheduled


Contact / Booking / Demos / Getting Involved

The best way to contact us is to show up and ask anyone involved to speak with Deftly-D. Barring that, you can send a request to Ordnance23[at]gmail[d0t]com



NO PARKING ON THE DANCE FLOOR! The area in front of the stage is reserved for dancing. If you want to watch or chat please do so by the bar. Thank you.

No drinks on the dancefloor.

Please be respectful to the space & each other; without either of these, this would not be possible. Thank You.

We wont do so without a good reason but we reserve the right to remove and/or ban anyone from our events for any reason without a refund.


Deftly-D envisioned an alternative approach to a dance club with collaboration between drummers, djs and video artists several years before the first Ordnance.

On September 27th, 2009, the first ORDANCNE was tested at the Armory in Somerville, MA (a space previously used for Voidstar Productions 2008 Multimedia Circus) on a line up featuring Mono No Aware, Xanopticon, Edgey, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Synnack. The original ORDNANCE performance crew was DJ Deftly-D, Drummers Mike D and Roland Adams, VJ Jared Falcon and sound engineer Josh Langberg along with many of the same support crew we currently have.

The aggressive nature of the music, militaristic organization and the first venue's history all contributed to the name ORDNANCE. The test was successful from a technical and crowd response perspective, however, the large and beautiful Armory was determined to be the wrong venue for ORDNANCE's future due to a combination of prohibitive cost, legal and technical limitations (volume, hours, licensing procedures) and inherent production issues.

On Saturday April 10, 2010, Ordnance II happened at an underground space in Everett with performances planned by }HEXDUMP{ and T-FAKTOR, which seemed like an excellent new home, however at 11PM with a packed and energized crowd the venue was shut down after only 3 hours (see galleries of photos from this Ordnance - gallery 1, gallery 2). }HEXDUMP{ and DJ WES (covering for DJ Blackmask) were able to get most of their sets done and a screening of the first SONIK SLAM collaboration between DJ DARRYL HELL and Deftly-D was screened before the shut down, but T-FAKTOR and the other DJs did not get to play. A promise has been made by Deftly-D to make up to the paid guests of this event at a future Ordnance.

On Friday June 4th 2010, Ordnance III launched the next chapter of Ordnance. ORDNANCE was held on the first Friday of the month at CHAMPIONS at 234 Main St., Everett, MA. This was our first fully licensed venue working closely with our team to create the experience that we wished to deliver. We produced monthly events until the end of 2010.

In 2011 with continued support for Champions, we have moved ORDNANCE! to O'BRIEN'S in Allston. O'BRIEN'S is the right size and location for ORDNANCE! to move forward and per their request we have moved our date to the 3rd Saturday of the month. Most of us have both performed at and been to shows at O'Brien's for many years and look forward to delivering ORDNANCE! at our new home.