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Catastrophe Ballet cover photo of white pained screaming woman in bed

Raising the Dead:

Christian Death celebrating the 30th anniversary of its album "Catastrophe Ballet" by performing it in its entirety.

see them live with ABSTINENCE 10/3/2014 Combridge, MA
Nau-Zee-auN live - Deftly-D, Roland Adams, Andy Grant


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Friday October 3rd

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Voidstar Productions, Furnace Records and the Elks Lodge presents:



Christian Death




In a rare appearance, deathrock/goth legends Christian Death will be taking part in a deathrock/gothic unity performance/round-table in Fall 2014 entitled "RAISING THE DEAD." As the brainchild of punk/deathrock/industrial veteran Darryl Hell [s6k/FURNACE RECORDS/DJ Darryl Hell], the goal is to bring together the many elements of the Boston goth/deathrock/industrial community as it had never been done before.

The event will feature:

[+] a rare Boston area performance by Christian Death, celebrating the
30th anniversary of their album “Catastrophe Ballet” by performing it in its entirety.

[+] RAISING THE DEAD: THE DEATH PANEL [a roundtable Q&A] with Boston goth / deathrock / industrial dj’s / promoters Chris Ewen [Xmortis/ManRay], DJ Arcanus [The Attic/Xiled Radio/Ceremony/Hexx], DJ Brian L [Corrosion Boston/WZBC's Industrial Factory] & DJ Static [Ceremony/Thud], moderated by Darryl Hell [DJ Hell/sektor 6 kommunikations]

[+] a rare Boston area performance by Abstinence, that began as a deathrock/industrial band in 1985.

[+] We will also honor promoter and artist Anderson Lynne Mar
[School of Rock/Dark Sky Productions]

[+] Much, much more...

Sound and Lighting by A Curious Production
The Elks Lodge, 55 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA - Central Square.
All Ages - price TBA


Video Playlist of footage shot by Lüke Haughwøut and Mandi Martini of Mechanical Harvest at Voidstar Productions 2 day festival on July 19-20 featuring:

Xiphoid Dementia, Kintaan, Massdirge, Timeghost, Theologian, 3Teeth's first Boston area performance, Raab Codec performing a Snowbeasts set, Pattern Behavior's debut performance, Statqbloom, Cervello Elettronico, iVardensphere, DJ Josh B, DJ Brian L, DJ Arcanus, DJ Doomcookie, DVJ Deftly-D and Leif Hunneman of The Retinal Exploitation Cooperative and }hexdump{ filling in of video with DJ Pet of A Curious Production on sound and lights.

Thanks are due for everyone that made this show happen including my coproducer David Doktor, Kathleen Chausse, Joshua Barnes, James Dattolo (planning, design, sound, lighting, etc.). Our video crew mentioned before. The volunteers who helped with set up and breakdown and helped with lodging and other items including Edward Brandon Jr, Tony Lee, John Perez-Kudzma, Juliet Brownell, Giuliana Funkhouser, Christopher Machinerygod, Rebecca Carrie Ames, Jesse Simko, Egan Budd, Jared Helfer, Ryan Pietras and Pet's crew member taht I don't have on here Ryan. Thanks for Fade Kainer and Annihilvs Power Electronix for beyond their excellent performances, helping with some of the most significant logistical headaches of the weekend.

Also a special thanks to Leif Hunneman who helped with countless things including being my back up video artist during several moments of the night including Cervello Elettronico's set.

Also a special thanks to our stage manager brought in by Pet who went way above and beyond stage manager duties throughout the night, Emily Rivka Millman.

The next big event is RAISING THE DEAD : CHRISTIAN DEATH + ABSTINENCE on October 3rd. Tickets are available now on http://www.voidstarproductions.com/ or at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/764264

November 2-4, 2012: Voidstar Productions Halloween Industrial Fest raised the bar with a line up that included:

Reformed Faction, Author & Punisher, Dead Voices On Air, Controlled Bleeding, Otto Von Schirach, Rapoon, Mark Hosler of Negativland, }hexdump{, David Linton, Operation:Mindwipe, Zero Times Infinity, Not Breathing, Raab Codec, Dev/Null, Corphalism, Xiphoid Dementia, Smoke Meow (a.k.a. Encanti), Pine Tree State Mind Control, The Vomit Arsonist, Journey to the Center of the Colon, Prometheus Burning, Darryl Hell, Brian Kane, Audio.Slab, David Fischer, Bereft, DJ Arcanus, DJ Brad Rhodes, DJ Jenova Complex and The Retinal Exploitation Cooperative.

some of the rare moemnts of the weekend included the first collaboration of Dead Voices On Air and Not Breathing in I belive as I type this over a decade, along with Rapoon/Reformed Faction in the mix, a first time collaboration of Mark Hosler of Negativland, Otto von Schirach and Journey to the Center of the Colon titled by Mark "Otto Von Colon Land", a surprise set by "Women and Children", what was billed as a sideproject of Author and Punisher at the time but was the early development of what would become A&P's album Women and Children, a collaboration of Raab Codec and Not Breathing, and a rare Operation:Mindwipe set featuring Darryl Hell, Mark Spybey and Deftly-D.

Here's some of the video captured by Luke and Mandi from that weekend.

with so many years of shows it will be a while before we get most of the video links up but hopefully these two shows will do for more recent larger events for now.